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2 years ago

Myvidster - Sex Movies Tube.


As the title suggests, most of you think that is a myvidster figment of my imagination. I myvidster introduced myself as a teacher (beginners only) to many women in touch with me to entertain and inform me of your wishes and sides of submission. Today this woman wanted to do more than talk. We had talked about sex and normal day to day issues and found that he got along well with others. We played a couple of tame cyber master / slave games. We agreed to meet in a city famous not far from where we live to fulfill. At first I wanted to be the default.. to have a drink and see what happens kind of encounter. Then I talked about a meeting he had with another woman, where we met and touched each other trust, myvidster without speaking or had to ourselves. My new found erotic submissive, so I held my breath and make the proposal. She agreed. On the day of her ex-husband and his friends seemed to conspire to make sure they do not meet to pass and I thought it was a waste of time. Nothing could be further from the truth. We meet at a parking garage, I myvidster could seethem, but could not see me. She called me and I told him where to park, I waited until I was parked ( near me ) I called them again to see if she would agree. He pulled the stockings and high heels suspenders, thong lifted mid-thigh, a skirt to the waist, shaved pussy. I went to her door and she opened her eyes downcast, as agreed with the... mmm more to follow if you want to know.
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